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Awards and Recognitions


-The novel Las Mujeres de la Guerra was selected by Penguin Random House Spain and the newspaper El País, Spain, for a collection of 25 historical fiction novels, by European, Latin American, and American authors. Andrea is the only Chilean author in the collection.


-Invited to attend the Chulitna Lodge Creative Residency program in Alaska, USA – Event canceled due to Covid-19.

-Two times awarded with the Deep Vellum Emergency Fund, a grant for Texas Literary Artists during Covid-19. Dallas, Texas. USA.

-Second place in the 22nd International Latino Book Awards, category “Rudy Anaya Latino Fiction Book” with “Las Mujeres de la Guerra”. Los Angeles, California. USA.

-Honorable Mention in the 22nd International Latino Book Awards, category “Best Novel -Historical Fiction” with “Las Mujeres de la Guerra”. Los Angeles, California, USA.


-2nd place in 20th International Latino Book Awards with “Érase una vez Laurides”, category “Best Latino Focused Book”. Los Angeles, California, USA.  

-Finalist in III Poetry and Short Story Contest “Litteratura”. Barcelona, Spain. 


-1st Place in 19th International Latino Book Awards, category “Best Latino focused fiction” with “Las Lunas de Atacama”. Los Angeles, California. USA.

-Finalist in the 4th Short Story Contest “Cuéntale tu cuento a La Nota Latina” and Hispanic Literature Heritage Organization with “Postales de una nueva vida”. Miami, Florida, USA.


-1st place in Premio de Creación y Escritura Pinar with “Érase una vez Laurides”. Savannah, Georgia, USA.

-2nd place in International Latino Book Awards, category “Best Latino focused book” with “Cuentos encaderados”.

Finalist in 10th National Annual Indie Excellence Awards, category “Short stories” with “Told from the hips”.


1st place People’s choice and honorable mention with “Maria Kawésqar”.  Hispanic Literature Heritage Organization. Miami, Florida, USA, 2015. 

-3rd place in RUMORE and Mundo Lumpen publishing literary contest, category “Best author” with “Cuentos encaderados”. Madrid, Spain, 2015. 

-Finalist with “Tipografía de barrio” in a tribute to Gabriel García Márquez short story contest. Bogotá, Colombia, 2015. 

-2º place in “Litteratura” biannual short story contest with “El verano de Alfonsina”. Barcelona, Spain, 2015. 

-Finalist in Altazor Novel Contest with “Las Lunas de Atacama”. Lima, Perú, 2015. 


-Scholarship to attend a Creative Writing Workshop in Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, 2005. 

-La Vuelta al Libro, a magazine about literature founded and directed by Andrea Amosson, was chosen as one of the best three in their inaugural edition by MadMagz Editor’s Blog in Paris, France, 2014. 

-Invited to be part of the “I Made it Author Marketing Success Program”, a support and promotion program for authors. Offered by Draegon Gray Publishing Magic LLC and Dallas Public Library. Dallas, Texas, U.S.A, 2017